Worship is what we were created for. It is what we were called by God to do. It is why He has saved us. It is what we do with our every breath. Everything that we do is some form of worship, but the question we must ask ourselves is…who is the object of our worship?

In John 4:23, Jesus tells us that God the Father is on a mission to gather worshipers who worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. We are those worshipers. So, what does it mean to worship God in Spirit and Truth?

Worshiping God begins with loving Him with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind. This means prioritizing God above all else – including (and especially) yourself. Worship is the joyful surrender to God of all that we have, all that we are, all that we do, out of our love for Him.

True worship also means worshiping God for who He truly is. Notice that John 4:23 involves each member of the Trinity. God the Father is the one seeking the worshipers. The worshipers He seeks are those who have been transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Finally, true worshipers are those who worship God in Truth, as revealed in Christ, who is the Way the Truth and the Life. The Father calls us to worship, the Spirit renews our hearts for worship, and the Son leads us in worship.

Music is often a part of worship, but worship is not music. Worship takes many forms. God’s people are called to worship Him in all we do (Col 3:17; 1 Cor 10:31; 1 Pet 4:11). But worship is also to be a lifestyle. If we are singing, then we are to make noise for the glory of God. If gardening, we can dig and plant and weed for the glory of God. If sitting in a cubicle, we can conduct our business in a way that glorifies God. If cleaning, we can scrub toilets for the glory of God. We were created and called to live lives full of worshiping God.

Sunday is no more a chance to worship God than any other day of the week. But that doesn’t mean our time on Sunday isn’t special. Sunday morning worship is unique because it is our chance to worship God together, united as one body (Ps 22:22; 34:3; 35:18; 68:26; 107:32). It is a chance to hear the gospel proclaimed and to proclaim it in your own mouth through song, prayer, scripture, and response; it is a time for fellowship; it is a respite from our mission in a hostile world (Mat 11:18; Heb 4:3); it is a glimpse of the age to come (Rev 4-5; 20-21).