Today was an amazing day!  In summary, we were used by God to see great contacts made in the community and privileged to be the ones used to lead many people to Christ.  As I reflect on today, all I can say is God did exceedingly more than we could have hoped or dreamed.

The morning we spent at a local public school sharing the gospel with high school and middle school students.  In the class I was in the students were 7th graders.  The teacher left and we were able to cover sexual purity and how sex was designed and intended to be God honoring in marriage.  Grace and forgiveness were also extended to those who have pursued sex outside of marriage, as well as a message of grace to those who are victims of abuse.  There is much to cover when the topic of purity is put forth.  Knowing the statistics of El Salvador, and reading the body language of the students, the message was appropriate and hit home.  We shared the gospel and explained in several ways.  Several students in our class indicated that they knew God was calling them to follow Jesus.

The afternoon was just as impactful.  We went to the State Diner in San Salvador.  It is a diner that teaches life long orphans a marketable skill such as cooking, and restaurant business before they age out of the orphanage system and are left to fend for themselves on their own.  It was amazing food and great to pray over the workers and spend time getting to know them.

The evening campaign was in Apopa.  We set up in a neutral zone that separated MS 13 and MS 18 gangs.  Police were there to watch over us and we had an amazing night.  A campus of the church is located in this city and we were able to share the gospel with hundreds of people as they were returning home from work and school.  Darnell was called upon to preach that evening in the large group setting and God used his story and the scriptures shared to bring many people to repentance.

All in all it was an amazing day…pray for Chris as he is preaching tomorrow night, and Sam as he is preaching Thursday.  God is good!!!