What I learned today was reinforced time and again.  I saw God use the right people at the right time to be His hands and feet to those in need.  It all started at the school we were at this morning.  It is a last chance type of school, where students know that if they mess this up, there is no other option for them.  We had 20-25 minutes to share a lesson on biblical purity, share a testimony, and preach the gospel.  I saw God use the right man at the right time during the testimony portion of our allotted time.  John stood before the class and told them that he was just a few years older than them.  He shared how in the U.S. and in the military that he is in, purity is not a valued characteristic concerning sexuality.  And yet God had given him the strength to stand and resist temptation.  One important thing to note is that El Salvador is the most violent country in the world averaging a death an hour.  There is also an issue with sexual abuse, and overall adultery and fornication issue.  This message hit home.  The ages of our students were 16-20 years old and most if not all have been sexually active or abused.  John was able to share how God can give you strength to stay pure and to forgive those who sin against like in the case of abuse.  It was an amazing thing to watch and pray over.

That evening again I saw God bring the right people on this trip to accomplish exactly what needed to be done.  At the end of going door to door and sharing the gospel, the neighborhood gathered for a block party.  Mom’s and kids were playing games, and there was a sense of joy in the community.  The youth group preformed a moving drama that illustrated the conquering power of Jesus death on the cross.  Then Chris preached asking, “How good does one have to be to make it to heaven?”  He ended by pointing to Jesus the only one who was good enough to make it to heaven.

But as people began to respond to the message, and the events of the evening, a little four year old girl raised her hand indicating she wanted to talk more about Jesus.  What was discovered was a family in need of the gospel.  There was a grandmother who was/is Catholic, and she knows she needs Jesus.  But her concern was for her son who a little over a year ago was stabbed 17 times by gang members in the area.  He is now unable to speak, and has a feeding tube, and trach tube, and also a colostomy bag.  He has not recovered from these nearly fatal wounds as the list of tubes needed shows.  I called Darnell over to help talk with the lady.  He shared how his grandmother brought him to Jesus and how he had survived wounds and beatings from his upbringing.  He knelt before this grandmother and plead on behalf of her and her family.  I was crying in the midst of all that God was doing through His people.  To have a grandmother see that good can come out of evil was amazingly powerful and encouraging to this sweet woman.  If you think of it pray for Juanita, and her grandson Miguel.

The other details of the day are not that important, but we did get to buy souvenirs for family, and eat Pollo Compareo, which is amazing.

Keep us in your prayers as well as the people mentioned above.