Thursday was another day where God showed up, and was faithful to move in the lives of people.  The school in the morning was fantastic.  The students loved having us there and sharing with them.  What has been amazing about the schools is the openness and attentiveness that each class has shown.  They are walking through an interactive lesson on Purity.  It is amazing to me to talk in public schools about how God has designed sex for marriage.  It is also amazing to bring the message of forgiveness and healing in these schools as well.  Most of the teenagers we have been speaking to have either had sex, been sexually abused or are in the process of one of those two.  For them to hear that they need forgiveness and that they need to forgive is tough.  What is comforting is knowing that Vida Nueve will follow up with them and assist the students as they need.  My heart breaks day in and day out as we leave.  I leave knowing that many of those students need someone to be there for them, and often times they feel alone and isolated.  I thank God for a church like Vida Nueve.

The evening campaign was held in a city on a mountain that is primarily a coffee town.  A man from Vida Nueve Church grew up in this town.  He like so many was seeking happiness in money, sex, and his job.  One night he became fed up with the way his life was going and tried to exit this life early.  His daughter heard a noise and found him hanging in an attempt to commit suicide.  His wife and daughter cut him down and he was spared.  Not but a few weeks later did he go to Vida Nueve in search of hope for this life.  He was introduced to Jesus and now has a burning passion for the town he grew up in.

We spent the evening in that city.  The block party was massive, hundreds of people in the city park watching the drama, playing along with the group games, and kids enjoying a large inflatable slide.  We spoke to more people that we had on any other night.  Sam was asked to share the gospel towards the end of the family festival.  He presented the greatest story ever told.  The story of Jesus dying to set us free.  The response was amazing.  In total 55 names were given to the church to follow up with.  These people either made a decision for Jesus or wanted a follow up visit to learn more about who Jesus is.

Praise God for another fantastic day…Pray this evening for Tyler as he will have an opportunity to share the gospel as well.