The past two weeks have so helped my heart. This year with covid has been very rough in so many ways, for so many people. The isolation alone was overwhelming, and in that isolation even the strongest of faith can be shaken, and I will admit mine has been shaken and at times I thought it would completely tumble down to nothing. One thing I have learned during this time is how true the statement that Doug constantly tells his youth kids, “God’s got your back and I do too!”. It is so true! Praise God!

We now have 5 sponsors that have donated $1,000.00! These amazing businesses are, Negwer, Neck Kasoff (rental properties), Linda Lipka (charity in her daughter’s honor), Covington Connection, and Buzz Dumpster! In fact, as I sit here in my office typing the parking lot has 2 HUGE donated dumpsters that Buzz Dumpster has placed for the Ferguson community June 18th through June 20th. We also received word that Ferguson City will waive the fees for dumpsters on properties for EngageNOCO to get to work! We also have received our first online donations through this site.

Every time news comes in about how God is moving mountains for us to begin reaching out and engaging the people around our building I beam, and begin dancing (literally dancing, I am so embarrassing my middle school daughter)! What else can I say other than God is good, and he provides in ways that you do not expect, sometimes in ways you don’t automatically see. So, when the isolation hits, or when your faith starts to feel like its crumbling, just remember God’s got your back and we do too! Please reach out to us if you need help mowing, taking care of house maintenance, an abandoned property on your street, help us get started with the work that God is paving the way for!

Be on the lookout for our trailer in the Ferguson Fourth of July Parade!

Alex McMullen, June 18, 2021