Bible Study Small Groups

At FBC Ferguson we have two main times to engage with the Bible in a smaller setting. On Sundays we offer Bible studies starting at 9:15 am. These groups focus on studying and applying God’s Word and spending time praying for each other. During the week we have small groups that each meet at a set time on a given night of the week. These groups focus on reflecting on the sermon, building relationships, and spiritual growth through mutual accountability.


Church membership is agreeing to the mission and vision of the church, agreeing to uphold the basic beliefs of the church, and be on mission with us. The perks of membership are not like any other club or organization. Membership means we will love you enough to be involved in your life to see you grow to become more like Jesus. Members are those people who have asked to be involved on a deeper level with their commitment to the church. Membership is required to teach, but everyone is welcome to serve locally with us. Each week we have members, regular attenders, and guests in our building.

Join a Team

At FBC Ferguson, more happens than only gathering together on Sunday Mornings for worship. We have service opportunities to kids, youth, and those in our community. Being a part of the team could mean helping welcome people on Sunday or it could mean being a part of a group dedicated to reading at a local school. There are many ways to serve and we need your help as we all seek to follow Jesus.

Invite a Friend

One moment in the presence of Jesus can change a person’s life forever. We encourage everyone to invite friends, neighbors, and co-workers to come and gather with a group of people seeking to follow Jesus.