The theme of this week has been reaching out.  A major event like Trunk Treats always focuses me onto reaching the unreached.  Jesus himself said the fields are white and ready for harvest, pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers.  I want to invite you to pray that God would send workers out into the harvest fields to reap what God has allowed to grow.  A church is not truly a church if it neglects the preaching of the gospel, and the engaging of the lost with the gospel.  So pray that we would be a true church who are going out to bring others in.  We want those far from God brought near.  We want those who are on the outside of God’s grace adopted into the grace of God.

What role can you play this week?

  1. Pray for someone that is far from God and ask God to save them.
  2. Invite someone to small group, a worship service, or a bible study.
  3. Schedule a spiritual conversation with a co-worker, neighbor, or friend.
  4. Pray with you spouse and kids.

It is our joy to see people meet Jesus and have their lives forever changed.  I want you to begin experiencing the joy of seeing God rescue someone from their sin by doing a few simple things that are listed above.  Perhaps a few questions to leave you with to consider what the “low hanging fruit” is right in front of you.

  1. Who around you is far from God?
  2. Who is God giving you a burden for?
  3. Who do you see God working in?

I am expecting and praying for God to do great things through us…will you join me?