Thanksgiving is a particularly favorite time of year for me, Pastor Joe.  It is a time to be intentionally thankful for the blessings we have been afforded in every area of life.  What are those areas of life to take time and be thankful?  Let us consider 3 areas of life: personal relationships; possessions and comfort; and Salvation.

Personal Relationships

Personally, each of us can think of friendships and family members we are thankful for.  Personal relationships tend to be an area of life where we hold back from expressing our thankfulness.  Let me encourage you to take this season of Thanksgiving to tell those friends and family members that you are thankful for them.  I particularly remember the writing assignment in school entitled, “I love my mom because,” or, “I love my dad because.”  Maybe this would be a good activity to try with a family member or two.

Possession and Comfort

I find I complain more about these two topics.  Instead of being thankful for what I have and the relative ease life is, I complain.  What is more frustrating than a car breaking down, or a toilet clogging, or a favorite trinket being knocked off the mantel only to be shattered.  The more possessions and comfort we collect the less thankful we are.  We don’t experience the temporary joy these things can bring.  Perhaps a great exercise for all of us to list out reasons to be thankful for what we have.  And maybe we will discover we have too much and we can thankful bless someone else with what we have discovered is excess.  I know I am thankful for a warm house, good books, and memories made daily through games, toys, and meals shared in our home.


The salvation Jesus died for is something that we can give mental assent to, but doesn’t always bring us joy.  In this transition period between Thanksgiving and Advent it is the perfect time to remember your salvation and be thankful.  What has changed in your life because of you salvation?  What habits, character traits, or paths have been radically altered in your life?  Who has God brought into your life because of the common bond of Jesus?  What scripture verses are dear to you because your eyes have been opened to see and understand scripture?  How is life different following Jesus from what it was before?  Let us always be thankful for Jesus and what He has done and is doing for us all.