Vacation Bible School (VBS) kicked off on Monday, June, 27th.  God blessed the first day by bringing around 50 volunteers and 149 students.  What the numbers don’t tell you is the specific “Praise Jesus” moments that occurred throughout the day.  In several of the classes teachers reported that upwards of 20 students had never really interacted with the bible.  Between two classes alone there were at least 40 students who had never read a bible.  They knew a few stories from the Bible, but had never interacted with it.  Please be in prayer over what God is going to do in the lives of these precious students.

I also want to give a word of praise to the adults who are leading and helping with all ages and in all capacities.  The flexibility of each person has been a huge blessing.  While class sizes are large and logistics are difficult these workers are being faithful in being the hands and feet of Jesus.  I cannot help but think of Jesus smiling over these faithful servants as they share the good news of Jesus.

Today, July 28th was another day of challenges and great joy.  We had 169 students present and even more volunteers.  Several adults hung around to give a helping hand in crowd control, craft duties, and general interaction with students.  It was a day that also had challenges.  Energy can be zapped, and situations can steal the joy of sharing the stories of the Bible with students.  Pray for the workers, this is a week of spiritual battle.  Satan does not want people to hear or believe in the name of Jesus.  For workers, let me encourage you that the hard work you are doing is not in vain.  You are touching lives for eternity!

If you have time or would like to swing by to help or to prayer walk the building that would be amazing!  God is on the move!