Philippians and prepping a sermon each week has brought a consistent theme before my eyes and I want it to be brought up for all of us to see and consider.  How much do I value the gospel?  Is that not a great question to consider.  

As a reminder for us the gospel is defined for our church as follows:

The Gospel is the good news of the Kingdom of God that has come through Jesus.  Jesus is the Christ, the one and only Son of God.  Jesus lived in perfect obedience, dying on the cross taking the punishment we deserve for sin, satisfying God’s anger, and adopting us into his family.  Jesus was resurrected, conquering sin, death, and the grave.  If we would repent of sin and believe the gospel, we will follow Jesus by the power of Holy Spirit all the days of our earthly lives, or until He returns to set all things right, and restore His creation.

The gospel message and all people everywhere consumed Paul to the point of him not mentioning a word about his physical well being, emotional well being, or any other well being of his that could have been mentioned.  Rather Paul’s focus and goal is to report on how the gospel is being proclaimed and regardless of the response, everyone knows why Paul is in prison.  

I want that for our church.  I don’t want anyone reading this right now to begin regretting their lack of devotion to Jesus and sharing the gospel.  If that happens then the enemy is winning a spiritual battle in our lives.  I would rather see us become embolden by Paul’s lack of concern for his well being.  I would rather us become emboldened by the gospel spreading both in Paul’s presence in Rome and throughout Christendom in his absence.  

Paul caring more about the gospel than his personal well being should inspire us to consider how we too might prove with our lives that the gospel is more important than our own well being.  

Value the gospel so much today that you bubble over with joy and thanksgiving to God expressed in sharing the good news of Jesus with others.