Thank You Church Family!!!  We had plenty of candy and nearly 1,000 people from the community served by dozens of our church members and attenders.  The community was grateful for the format change.  Numerous community members went out fo there way to thank us not only for providing a safe place for kids but also for making the process quicker and stream lined.

It was amazing seeing the kids in costumes, and parents thrilled to have a trusted place to come and spend time with their families.  And from the feedback received, people were blessed by our church.  We changed things up this year by having a streamlined process.  The line went through the south parking lot where a stage was set up with the praise band.  The community was introduced to what we do on Sunday as the band played and the singers lifted up praises to God.  Pastor Joe was the MC this year and had a blast interacting with kids as they shared their favorite Halloween jokes.  The community was then taken to get candy through the line up of trunks decorated and weighed down by all the candy.

The community was handed information about our church, but more than that, Pastor Joe was able to communicate the mission and vision of FBC Ferguson.  The community was also challenged to come be apart of what God is doing through this church.  Pastor Joe specifically mentioned that we serve the community, but that we need the community to become apart of the church.  Please be in prayer that God would move in the hearts of our community to come join us and that we would go and invite our community to discover how amazing Jesus is.