From churches to nursing homes, retirement centers, block parties, hospitals, schools, bible clubs, campgrounds, malls, beaches, festivals, children homes, homeless shelters and many other places, Heaven’s Handful puppets spreads the message of God’s love through puppets, illusions and the caring visits of the team members.

Our team consists of 6th through 12th grade students, college students and adult leaders. Team members practice each Sunday to hone their skill in order to show that God loves each and every person.  Barriers are broken down by the puppets, the illusions, humor, balloon animals, face painting and the friendship exhibited by the puppet team members.

Puppet teams can gain entrance into places where traditional ministries cannot. God’s word is then presented to many who may not otherwise hear or stop to listen. With a cast of over 150 puppets, God’s word is presented in a clear and entertaining manner through songs and illusions.

Their efforts are rewarded by the smiles on the faces, the laughter on the lips, the joy in the hearts and the twinkle in the eyes of those in the audience. More important than the enjoyment people get out of the performance is the love and caring shown by our young people as they spend time with the audience. They perform all around the St. Louis metro area, across the United States and have gone to Belarus, Jamaica, Haiti, and Mexico.

If your group, organization, company, or church would be interested having this unique ministry come, please contact Steve Davis at or 314-518-4717.